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Reseau’s mantra is about supporting businesses in anyway possible,
with a variety of different means.

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When we’re dealing with the most dynamic industry in the world, leveraging trusted resources and expertise is vital for being able to operate in the now.

Your business might need to rely on a savvy software guru, employed to keep your custom software updated, maintained, and operating, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have the same level of savvy in other aspects of IT – including the infrastructure that software might be running on.

Our passion for IT extends into the learnings of other engineers, in an effort to understand what they do, how they do it, and help them realise the potential of other technologies that can aid their own. Internal IT teams are sometimes so familiar and consumed with the details of your business systems, taking the time to learn about the new systems and technologies appearing daily can be a never ending challenge.

Reseau is available to be your external support for your internal support either fixed ongoing or adhoc basis.

When your IT team needs a break (holidays/sick/maternity), need advice or support on complex or non-complex issues, or want some automation in their environment, we’re here to help.

Technical Features

  • Open and Transparent Communication, No Us vs Them.
  • Kaseya Based Agent Monitoring and VSA
  • Co-Shared Service Board
  • Independent Monitoring Platform w/ Notifications for your team
    • Automated Rules can be created for who gets notified, when, for what severity
  • Access to Senior Engineers for Proven Design and Blueprints

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