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Réseau provides secured, tailored internet and network solutions,
for unique work environments.

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For Réseau, managed networks are a way we can help you grow from strength to strength without I.T. being the roadblock to success.

Gone are the days where a head office is the sole repository of all information, as now, each area of a business relies on its connectedness to the other. There may be different levels of access to information, but one thing is certain: information must be shared – and, with few exceptions, it must be available in real time.

Adding to the complexity, industries such as mining operate in disparate and remote environments, from CBD locations to large regional centers, and on to extremely remote mine sites with no established communications infrastructure. In the midst of this need to be connected is a more insidious problem: security. Australia has become a goldmine for hackers, with a prolific number of security breaches (in the millions) due to a low priority being placed on secure networks.

Réseau provides a range of networking solutions, tailored to your business. Coupled with our cloud service offerings, our access to fibre optic cable, point to point wireless, midband/DSL, dynamic multipoint private network and the 3G/4G technology allow us to deliver fast, secure, and diverse access for all businesses.

The provisioning of managed network services is guided by our philosophy of relationship. Before we recommend anything, we want to know what you do, what you need and why you need it. We assess your networking needs to uncover the optimal financial solution that will allow you to grow and build your business using the most up to date I.T. products and services available.

To get a expert eye on your network, call Réseau today.


Technical Features

  • 24 x 7 Monitoring
  • Optional Network Hardware Management
  • Optional Managed Firewall
  • High Speed, Low to No Contention Internet
  • Site to Site Options
    • MPLS VPN
  • Enterprise Grade Resilient Cisco Core Network
  • 99.95% SLA
    • All SLA and Services backed by Hardware Vendor Warranties

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