It is not uncommon for us to be the partner of choice for many Vendors and IT companies in Perth, Nationally or Internationally.

Whether your an IT services company, a web development firm or a multinational vendor, the question is, why should you partner with us, what really are the Réseau points of difference?

  • Shared knowledge / solutions / blueprints, not just cloud resources. The lines around responsibility can sometimes be blurred or where things start and end and we lend a hand to ensure the end customer or client affected gets the best possible and timely result.
  • Access to highly skilled engineers, Cisco / VMware Certified and experienced.
  • Completely transparent profit sharing model for cloud services, cloud backup, connectivity – not just the typical industry standard 5-10% partner programs that make you jump through training hoops and meet revenue targets.
    • We’ve worked hard to build a solid foundation, and we want to share the infrastructure, products and experience with our partners.
  • We also do not compete directly against our partners.

Sample companies that partner with us for assistance:

  • Philips Healthcare
  • Next Telecom
  • Calic Technologies (Sydney)

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