Breakdowns, system and network crashes, and the problems that require I.T. support have one thing in common: they’re inconvenient. Oftentimes they’re also financially debilitating, productivity-hampering…and avoidable.

The Réseau approach incorporates the regular and ongoing maintenance of your I.T. infrastructure to minimise the potential for downtimes and ensure that your business, communication and data networks combine as a well-oiled machine.

Practically, we stay on the front-foot through implementing our tailored security and back-up solutions coupled with the proactive installation of updates, fixes and patches. just like servicing your car.

All maintenance and monitoring of your system is overseen by Réseau’s proprietary monitoring system. A feature of this is system its email/sms notification should any problems be detected with you I.T. infrastructure. Many times. we are able to identify, address and resolve problems remotely before you are even aware of them!