IT Policy Acknowledgement

  • This is a form that users sign to acknowledge their receipt of, and agreement to, any user-oriented policies.

    The goal of this form is to communicate to the users their duty to use the network in a secure and responsible manner.

    By clearly stating the company's policies to users and obtaining written acknowledgement that those users will abide by the policies, the company can reduce its liability from, as well as risk of, a security incident.
  • I understand that being granted access to computer systems and company information carries a great deal of responsibility. I recognize that I am being granted this access with the understanding that I will use the network resources and company information in a responsible manner. I realize that specific guidelines and expectations of me are detailed in the appropriate policies. Initial below to indicate which policies you have received, read, understand, and to which you agree
  • I understand that while the company intends to provide a safe and positive experience when using company systems and the internet, the company makes no warranties as to the content of the network and the internet.

    I am responsible for my own actions and will release the company from any liability relating to my network usage. I agree to use the network and systems in an appropriate manner as specified in the applicable policies. I understand that my use of the network and systems may be monitored at any time and I should have no expectation of provide in connection with this use.

    I understand that failure to use the network in a responsible manner may result in loss of network privileges, suspension or termination. I understand that if illegal activity is suspected, the company will report the activity to the applicable authorities.