Wenco is an example of a business with an autonomous In-House IT infrastructure that has implemented systems around their own preferences and skills.

Wenco became hamstrung by the in-house software platform that was built but never finished, and day-to-day operating systems (eg. email) that were scattered across numerous physical servers, and not configured correctly. This caused constant interruptions to business operations, and an inability to work as a team. The result was a frustration and a loss of productivity.

While initially engaged to assist with some networking issues, Reseau was contracted to manage the IT environment following the re-assignment of the in-house IT department. After assessing the state of the infrastructure, Reseau worked with Wenco’s management team to streamline business operations, and create a secured, protected, redundant and resilient IT environment. This work was alongside the provision of assistance and support with their move to an alternative software platform in place of the current in-house design.

The Reseau Process

  1. Our process began with a client-initiated review of the current IT environment operations following concerns over hardware resiliency and data protection (backup)
  2. The review revealed an in-house software system that had been initiated, but not completed. Also needed product support and advice on moving to an alternate product
  3. IT infastructure decisions had been based on the personal preference of the in-house IT team rather than what was most appropriate for the business. The result was constant interruptions and an unresolved solution
  4. Reseau created a solution to consolidate and control/maintain all of the existing platforms, while allowing the transition into new software, without downtime
  5. The newly commissioned software platform provides additional functionality to day-to-day business operations and the ability to incorporate a second company into the system

Technical Considerations

  • Consolidate Wenco’s server infrastructure to a virtualised environment
  • Physical to virtual snapshot of all existing servers, ensuring backups in place
  • New server infrastructure on Virtual platform/Domain local platform
  • Upgraded outdated Mail server system environment to Exchange 2010
  • Workstation reconfiguration and cleanup
  • Moving of all file shares/company data to new systems
  • Decommission old servers/upgrade/migrate software platforms
  • Cleanup of onsite IT rack infrastructure and removal of old equipment
  • Configured Wenco infrastructure to support allied company Techwest
  • Ongoing maintenance onsite/remote) and roll out of new workstations
  • Ensuring backups/security/antivirus/updates in place on frequent basis
  • Developed and implemented a remote web application for accessing Windows application package

Post Project Issues

  • Work closely and assist Mitel phone technicians with licensing issues and server upgrades to the Mitel phone platform UCA
  • Removal of old domain controllers and decommission on domain environment
  • Address old workstation hardware on network and roll out new PC hardware updates for staff

What is unique about the Reseau solution?

The uniqueness of our solutions lies in our ability to restore and create function and efficiency from a situation where there had been litte. The solutions and technology in themselves were not necessarily unique, it was the application of these technologies that brought function to the IT operation. Some of these were:

  • Centralised domain, email exchange and file server system with the ability to control 2 companies
  • Separated policies across company data and ability to move company data if they move premises at ease
  • Ability for staff to use laptops, iPads and iPhones to work from remote locations, accessing their emails, job inventory package and more
  • Reseau implementation of a web based application to allow access to Wenco’s job inventory package (Windows) from a Mac
  • Remote based IT support without having the need for in-house IT team
    (all server management and monitoring performed remotely)




Heavy engineering
Fabrication to oil gas & mining
Onshore & offshore division

Company Size:

20+ administration/office employees plus engineering staff


First engaged Reseau in 2009 after an in-house IT staff member required networking assistance

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