Oceanic Medical Imaging

When you’re an ambitious start-up and have already invested many millions of dollars in infrastructure, you don’t want to waste another single single cent on technology you can’t trust.

Reseau delivered a high speed data solution to uniquely position this WA medical imaging supplier to become a better, faster, more service focussed success story in their niche.

The challenge

Oceanic Imaging began with the burning desire of a group of doctors to shake up the medical imaging industry. They wanted to provide instant image transfers between sites through inter site connectivity, eliminating the need for couriers and hand delivery. Having had to procure many millions dollars in scanning infrastructure to set up, the Founders thought they had their server capacity sorted.

This was not the case.

The founding partners, a medical team were naturally so focussed on the quality of the image production that they did not fully consider the server capacity they would need to deliver the images between sites. Reseau identified this issue early in the engagement. They also understood that given the investment cost to date, they would need to develop a workable, flexible and cost effective solution which was also scalable as the business grew.

Reseau also needed to quickly grasp the technical intricacies and restrictions associated with the highly specialised image equipment.

For example, Technicians when scanning needed to inject people with isotopes behind a lead wall, but could not physically see or touch the patient. Reseau needed to set up cameras in each room that fed into the networks and emergency telephones. All sites needed to be connected so staff could view the imaging from all locations and from home through logging into the network.

The engagement brief

Oceanic Imaging initially engaged Reseau to set up their internal IT and telecommunications network and inter site connectivity, taking into consideration the need to expand into the future.

What is unique about the Reseau solution?

With the same curiosity that they apply to each assignment, Reseau was determined to learn as much as possible about the technicalities of Oceanic Image’s specialised medical equipment. They developed such a level of expertise that the image equipment supplier Phillips would call them to help them with services on site.

Reseau’s partnership approach meant that as Oceanic Image expanded to other sites, they continued the consulting engagement.


Medical Imaging inc. Nuclear Medical

Company Size:

30 - 50 across Western Australia


OMI engaged Reseau from foundation to build a foundation and enhance upon it

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