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Reseau was not the first service provider to attempt to implement a solution for IBC. The previous providers were unable to deliver on the most fundamental of requirements: turning up!

But wait, it gets worse.

Not only did the provider not turn up at the nominated time, but IBC could not contact them after they did not turn up.


The challenge

IBC had an existing data centre with about 30 servers. Looking for a new storage solution, they received an offer from another service provider to take all their information, to turn it into a digital feed and host it in their data centre.  However the service provider never actually showed up when it came time to deploy their solution.

Initially IBC contacted Reseau to set up their phone system. After Reseau’s investigation it became apparent that the solution that the other service provider had recommended did not indicate that they understood the unique requirements of IBC’s business. The provider did not have a grasp of the diversity of operating environments or a depth of understanding of the applications they needed to move.


The engagement brief

Along with upgrading the phone system IBC engaged Reseau to digitally convert and transfer data from 30 local servers based in IBC’s office and host this in Reseau’s data centre. They needed to keep downtime to an absolute minimum. The overall objective was to improve storage capacity, ease of upgrade, maintenance and processing speed plus offer enhanced reporting.


The Reseau Process

  1. This process began with Reseau’s review of IBC’s current servers along with existing and future business requirements.
  2. The review revealed that the service provider IBC had initially contacted had not understood the brief including the age of the servers, their client’s contract requirements and the need to minimize downtime.
  3. Working at all stages to minimise the risk of migration and data loss, Reseau proposed a unique solution which meant that the transition could be performed online keeping the down time to between fifty minutes to one hour.
  4. Rather than removing the data and storing it before transfer, Reseau transferred it online immediately
  5. Reseau worked during the Christmas holiday season to accommodate IBC’s need to minimize down time.
  6. Reseau gave IBC the capacity to review their server performance nationally as well as in a specific location


What is unique about the Reseau solution?

Reseau worked in close partnership with IBC (who already had a strong technical capacity and knowledge of the real scope of the project).They initially surprised, then delighted IBC with their ability to transition the storage in such a short time frame when other larger companies were unable to do this.

Reseau is proactive in follow up support. The team is always looking for ways to maximize up time. Whenever IBC have a technical challenge or an issue they know they can contact the Reseau team at any time and know they will get a rapid response.


IBC Digital is a web development company specialising in custom solutions that host their client’s websites. http://www.ibc.com.au/.

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iBC first engaged Reseau in 2011 while implementing a Cisco-based telephony solution. While providing these services, iBC was in the process of migrating
their physical data center from his current office location to a cloud-based services through another Perth provider.

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