About Réseau

Who we work with

We’re a small company doing big things. We work with businesses of diverse size, from smaller start-ups to large multi-nationals. While the lion’s share of our work is with small to medium businesses of 10-200 employees, it is also commonplace for us to offer solutions to large businesses.

Our clients though are less likely to be defined by their size. Rather, they are characterised by their approach to technology: innovative, open-minded and proactive. We foster partnerships with ethical clients capable of recognising the value we bring to the table.

Réseau understand business. Not just ours, but yours.

Our foundation is not only technical but strategic, entrepreneurial and business-savvy. This informs how we view problems, potential and possibility. It allows us to communicate in the language of outcomes, of win-win, and of benefits rather than the unintelligible.

Pronounced rah-ZO,

Réseau is a french word translated as a network or grid used in the aid of
measurement. It’s a word that not only describes what we do but informs
our solutions. We operate within the communications sphere using
technology to enable effective networks of voice and data exchange that
allow businesses to manage and maintain their data more effectively.